Your Cat and Flea Allergy Dermatitis

As a cat proprietor, you’re totally conscious of how annoying fleas may be for you. However, do you understand simply how problematic they are often to the one that you love kitty? The truth is flea chunk may end up in greater than only a small, itchy spot on your cat. In truth, a flea chunk can probably result in way more critical pores and skin points that may make your cat really depressing.

An Unrelenting Foe

As any pet proprietor who has skilled a flea infestation can attest, fleas may be an unrelenting enemy that’s fairly troublesome to do away with. Not solely are they onerous to take away from a house that has turn into infested, they’re additionally relentless in terms of annoying you and your pet. It’s because the flea makes use of its specialised mouthparts to pierce the pores and skin in an effort to siphon out blood. After piercing the pores and skin, the flea injects its saliva into the pores and skin in an effort to stop the blood from coagulating. This manner, the flea can simply and freely feed out of your cat with out the blood clotting.

The Results of the Flea Chew

Flea bites are irritating to any pet or human however, sadly, some cats are much more delicate to flea bites than different cats. In truth, some cats turn into very delicate to the saliva the flea injects into their pores and skin. When a cat develops this hypersensitivity, it’s known as flea allergy dermatitis and results in extreme itching. Along with being very uncomfortable on your cat, the allergy may even trigger your cat to scratch the realm feverishly, which might additional irritate and harm the pores and skin. In truth, a cat that has developed flea allergy dermatitis might expertise all the following issues:

o Small hives the place the fleabite occurred, which can heal or might develop right into a small purple bump that in the end crusts over.
o The event of uncooked, hairless areas the place your cat has scratched and chewed itself. The areas, that are known as scorching spots, might also weep.
o The event of areas which are purple, hairless and scaly can result in bacterial an infection. The pores and skin pigmentation might also change within the impacted space.

In the event you discover these indicators of flea allergy dermatitis in your pet, it is very important go to your veterinarian as quickly as potential in an effort to have the state of affairs evaluated.

Treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis

An important step you may take to forestall flea allergy dermatitis is to easily preserve your kitty freed from fleas. There are lots of merchandise out there in the marketplace that may assist preserve your cat flea free, however you additionally have to concentrate on holding your property freed from fleas. Utilizing flea powder whenever you vacuum, for instance, may also help preserve your property free of those pests.

In case your cat’s pores and skin has already turn into irritated by the dermatitis, your focus ought to embrace utilizing remedy to assist alleviate the irritation your cat is experiencing. Once more, it is best to work intently together with your vet in an effort to discover the appropriate remedy to assist deliver reduction to your valuable kitty.

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